The Others is a journey, a revolutionary project born ten years ago with the aim of intercepting the language of the new generations, changeable and therefore needy of are active manifestation, independent and steeped in freedom.

The Others is oxygen, the short-circuit of a self-referential art system, unaware of the value of small emerging realities.

The Others gathers the global community of creatives,those who dare and express themselves through innovative exhibition projects, children of the present and the future.

The Others is a choice, a combative alternative, perhaps a little surly, but constructive, provocative, eccentric,nourished by hope, determination and energy.

Fundamental element of Turin’s Contemporary Art Week,The Others reinforces its nature as an exhibition platform by calling on galleries, artist-run and project spaces, artists and curators collectives, and independent spaces.

The parterre of participants is more and more ambitious and the costs are always very low.


The Others is the main Italian fair dedicated to emerging national and international art, created to enhance new creative energies through a unique exhibition system, aimed at rediscovering and give new life to abandoned places of Turin. A model that rejects the rules of traditional fairs to encourage a more direct and immediate dialogue between artistic proposals and the different audiences that follow the Italian and international art scene.

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