About The Others

The Others is a revolutionary project, born with the aim of intercepting the language of the new generations and promoting emerging realities.

It is an experimental show that presents the most innovative national and international artistic expressions.



The Others is an exhibition platform that fosters a more direct and immediate dialogue between artistic proposals and a young and varied public, presenting itself as a meeting place, a place for exchanging experiences, contacts and projects, where everyone can find a welcoming, sophisticated and unconventional cultural proposal. 

The Others is an independent fair, the short-circuit of a self-referential art system, a proper “Factory” of small emerging realities, a privileged meeting place for the newest voices and the most bursting artistic trends.

The Others is a curatorial fair: the artistic direction is entrusted to a team of young curators in order to better interpret the languages and decipher the codes of the artistic expressions of the new generations and propose an avant-garde observatory on the global community of creative people.

The Others is a choice, a combative and perhaps a little surly, but constructive, provocative, eccentric alternative that is nourished by hope, determination and energy.

The Others si rivolge a tutti agli operatori profit e non-profit: unica manifestazione in Italia nata per riunire gallerie e project spaces, collettivi o artists-run-spaces, realtà differenti per tipologia, obiettivi e programmi ma accomunate dallo spirito di ricerca e valorizzazione delle energie creative emergenti, cui raramente sono dedicate iniziative di promozione collettiva. 

Ideata per giovani espositori in termini di qualità di accessibilità - il costo di partecipazione è fra i più bassi in Europa – è un fondamentale luogo di incontro e di scambio di esperienze, contatti e progetti; confronti che sono alla base dello sviluppo di network professionali e attivatori di virtuose sinergie fondamentali per la crescita dell’intero sistema artistico contemporaneo. 

Nomadic by nature The Others has been hosted in unconventional venues since its beginnings. Over the years it has moved to different structures, revitalizing and reconverting important disused buildings and with them the economy of entire neighbourhoods, which have been inspired by the presence of The Others to involve the inhabitants in effective and lasting urban reconversion projects.

Evening opening hours, a program of encounters and transversal events, a crossover between all expressions of contemporary creativity (music, literature, design, video, dance, architecture, food, etc.) make the event multidisciplinary and aggregating.