Since the first edition The Others has taken place in disused buildings, unconventional and of great charm, to provoke a debate on the recovery and reuse of spaces and at the same time to enhance places that are important for the historical memory of the city where the event takes place and usually not accessible to the public.

Torino Esposizioni

The Others Art Fair 2022: A MATTER OF ART!

Torino Esposizioni

The Others Art Fair 2022: ENTER THE GAME!

Torino Esposizioni

The Others celebrates its tenth edition in pavilion 3 of Torino Esposizioni. A renewed curatorial committee, an unusual exhibition layout, new and lively exhibitors animated the four days of the event.

Padiglione 3, che Nervi!

The tenth edition of The Others was supposed to take place in a new location: Pavilion 3 of Torino Esposizioni. Designed by Pier Luigi Nervi in 1950 and included by the Getty Foundation among the masterpieces of world architecture of the twentieth century, the construction was compromised by the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent restrictions, however, while maintaining the commitment to make the pavilion usable again with a path to discover its history.

former Military Hospital Alessandro Riberi

In 2019 The Others, following its nomadic nature, changed headquarters, moving to the former Alessandro Riberi Military Hospital. Three twin buildings in Art Nouveau style, one shorter because it is marked by a bombing during the Second World War, surrounded by a large park.

former Hospital Regina Maria Adelaide


From 2016 to 2018, The Others was housed in the extraordinary headquarters of the Former Regina Maria Adelaide Hospital (Turin), a historic building - inaugurated in 1887 - born as a hospital for children suffering from rickets and subsequently transformed into a trauma center of excellence.

Ex Borsa Valori


The premises of the Ex Borsa Valori of Turin host The Others Exhibit - a spin-off of the main event - which hosts the exhibition of large-format works.

former Prison Le Nuove


From its debut in 2011 until its fifth edition, The Others took place in the fascinating complex of the former Le Nuove prison (Turin).