The Behnoode Foundation established in 2016 by its founder Behnood Javaherpour. The foundation is based in Paris, France and is committed to supporting artists with a focus on Iranian, Chinese and African artists through publications, institutional exhibitions and art residency projects. On the occasion of The Others, the Foundation plans to acquire a work worth €3,000.00 that will be included in the Behnoode Foundation’s private collection in Paris.


The objective of the Prize is the acquisition of a work of the value of €3,000.00 chosen from among the works present in the stands of the fair, to be included in the emerging “Collezione Operæ”.

The chosen work will be chosen by a jury composed of the Coordinator of the Curatorial Board of The Others, Lorenzo Bruni, the collector Chiara Casolo Ginelli, the collector and founder of Operæ, Emilio Bordoli, the CEO of Operæ Gloria Amorena and Giuseppe Violetta, co-founder of Operæ and of The Heillandi Collection Trust Fund. The Prize has no age or technical constraints, but aims to identify and acquire a work that reflects the inspirational values of the Operæ initiative, created by collectors for collectors. In particular, the values sought will be expressive maturity and the ability to communicate and relate to the observer. 


The Committee set up in memory of Piero D’Amore, a Turin artist who passed away in January, proposes a one-month residency in Turin to a participating artist under the age of 35, in order to reward him for the continuity, consistency and seriousness of his work, as well as for his use of colour, experimentation with different artistic techniques and the freshness of his subject matter, and to offer him the opportunity to carry out a project in the context of the city, making him a participant in what is happening among galleries, museums and foundations.


Confirmed for the third consecutive year is the prize dedicated to contemporary photography organised by the Zenato Academy.

The jury of the Prize, composed of the Coordinator of the Curatorial Board of The Others, Lorenzo Bruni,i, the art critic Luca Panaro and the entrepreneur Nadia Zenato, will select a photograph from among the works present at the fair which will become part of the Zenato Academy Collection. 

The acquisition of the work has a value of €2,000.00. If you have any photographic works that you would like to propose, we would ask you to send us the photo and related information so that we can provide it in advance to the committee, which will decide the winner at the fair.