Founded in 2016 by Behnood Javaherpour, the Behnoode Foundation is a Paris-based organization committed to supporting artists through various initiatives, such as publications, institution exhibitions, public programming, and art residency projects. 


The foundation’s mission is to broaden the artistic experience and create a global community through educational platforms where young artists, who may face difficulties accessing international arts and cultural programs, can showcase their work and exchange ideas. In order to support this mission, the foundation offers scholarships for educational programs.


The Behnoode Foundation invites artists and curators to participate in cultural and artistic events while also providing an educational platform for children in Nepal and Africa. In these underprivileged areas, the foundation builds schools to ensure that quality education is accessible for all. The foundation believes that education is essential and makes it a priority to support and provide access to quality education for those who may not have the means to obtain it otherwise.


The “Nice (He)art Prize” created and awarded by its president Francisca Viudes, which this year brings together a jury made up of collectors and professionals from the art world including Soraya Chaar, Andrea Succo and Moky May will allow the laureate to join “The (He)art for (He)art Program”.


This artist residency, based in Nice, is a place of research, development, creation and artistic production which aims to facilitate links between artists and the local community around projects with an institutional dimension.


2022 and 2023 winners:

Lucia Tallova, Nikhil Chopra, Nicolas Lamas.


This year’s program: 

Damien Deroubaix, Firouz Farmanfarmaian, Marion Flament and Elisabeth Von Samsonow.


Artists exhibited on the booth:

Elisabeth Von Samsonow, 

Firouz Farmanfarmaian,

Damien Deroubaix.


The Prize aims to acquire a work, chosen from among the pieces in the booths of the fair, to be included in the “Operæ Collection“.

The selected artwork will be identified̀ through a vote by a jury composed of Operæ collector and founder Emilio Bordoli, Operæ CEO and art consultant Gloria Amorena, Operæ co-founder and The Heillandi Collection Trust Fund Giuseppe Violetta, and collector Chiara Casolo Ginelli.

The Prize places no constraints on age or technique, but aims to identify and acquire a work that reflects the inspirational values of Operæ’s initiative, which was created by collectors for collectors. Specifically, the values pursued will be communicative creativity, empathy towards the viewer and strength of message.

A core value of Operæ -the most popular storage and management system on smartphones and tablets for collectors- is precisely the willingness to share, and the ability to convey, the communicative value of the collection. But above all, that optimistic, positive attitude will be searched, which especially in such peculiar times – such as those we are currently experiencing from a social, historical and geopolitical point of view – must permeate even and especially the world of art and creative production.


The committee established in memory of Piero D’Amore, an artist from Turin who passed away in January 2022, proposes a one-month residency in Turin to an artist participating in the Fair who is under 35 years of age and an exhibition at The Others the following year of the project created during the residency.


The prize, now in its second year, aims to exalt the artist for continuity, consistency and seriousness in their work, as well as for their use of color, experimentation with different artistic techniques and freshness of subject matter.


The 2022 prize was awarded to Letizia Scarpello, who produced a work exhibited at The Others 2023 .

Risorsa 12

The “Prospettiva Insulare” prize consists of a residency in the Canary Islands for an artist under 35 residing in Italy whose work is featured at The Others art fair 2023.

The winner will be hosted for two weeks designed to accommodate projects, moments of encounter and make space of the possible.


The jury will be composed of four artists: Francesco Arena, Rä di Martino and Sissi Daniela Olivieri and Giovani Ozzola.


The title of the award/residency in Tenerife is “Insular Perspective.” This definition evokes a particular way of inhabiting places. The very configuration of the studio with two large windows overlooking the island strongly characterized by the natural landscape shifts the question to the concept of nature, but also horizon. This idea highlights the unique perspective offered by the isolation of the island and its remote location, with particular emphasis on reflective practice.


The residency prize has a board all made up of artists, finds its ideal location at The Others art Fair where young international galleries, nonprofit spaces and artist run spaces have always dialogued without barriers to promote alternative strategies to the official system.

The Prospettiva Insulare space is the brainchild of Giovanni Ozzola and Silvia Ballario.


In a world marked by challenges and uncertainties, art stands as a light of hope, visible from afar even to those who have no eyes to see. The award is dedicated to those extraordinary works that, despite adversity, manage to convey a message of confidence and positivity to humankind.

Confidence is the root of hope, the attitude that allows us to look to the future with optimism, to believe in our own abilities and the potential of others.

The award is not only meant to celebrate visual beauty and creativity, but also the ability of a work of art to inspire confidence in human possibilities and promote a feeling of security and tranquility. These are the elements that help overcome challenges, build stronger relationships and look forward with hope.


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Jury of Spazio88 Prize – Confidence and Positivity


Massimiliano Bonsignori – Spazio 88

Lorenzo BruniArtistic Director The Others

Massimiliano Lanza –  Spazio 88

Fabrizio Martini –  Spazio 88

Paola RampiniAssociation The Others


“We are happy to reconfirm for the fourth consecutive year our presence at The Others with the Zenato Academy Prize for Contemporary Photography,” says Nadia Zenato, the Venetian entrepreneur who, with her family business, exports the fine labels of Lugana and Amarone to the world, “sharing with the review the experimental point of view and having the common goal of intercepting the contemporary language and enhancing emerging realities”.


The jury of the Prize, composed of The Others artistic director Lorenzo Bruni, art critic and Zenato Academy artistic director Luca Panaro, and entrepreneur Nadia Zenato, will select one among the works at the fair, which will become part of the Zenato Academy Collection.


“Visual research and attention to contemporary creativity are essential elements to give life to a true partnership in the cultural field,” explains Luca Panaro, “The Zenato winery demonstrates its closeness to the new generations with the Zenato Academy Prize awarded each year to an artist who expresses himself through photography and allowing to go beyond the usual vision of reality”.

Through the Zenato Academy Prize, work Alinea 04 by Daniela Droz was acquired in 2019, Notturno 009 from Carola Allemandi’s “Notturni” Series in 2021, and Balloon Series by Enrico Smerilli in 2022.