Award Artist in Residency

The Others?

As an art dealer, the question of the need to meet the others in order to be able to define oneself at specific times, and to project our work in the best way, is always present.

Without the others, no self-knowledge, alone, without relationship with the others, we do not exist.

To speak of the other is to speak of consciousness, and our consciousness of the world is no longer the same in this year 2020, where we are living an “after” which will not happen again, and a “now” which must be built in a thoughtful way.

The others are the culture, the body and the wealth of civilization, this encounter with the others, this gap (and not a difference) between the others and us, is a land of creation and knowledge, the artists who speak of the others, speak of all of humanity.

So I naturally accepted the invitation to participate in the edition of The Others 2019.

What this Artfair represents is a new form of relating to the work of artists, outside the known paths of regulars fairs.

The Others, from the hand of Lorenzo Bruni and his team, understood the gap and offer options for artists, such as residencies are – for artists to take them and do what they feel is right for them work, because an artist is not defined by a residence, a place of exhibition, a participation in a fair, … an artist only needs her/him to exist.

The choice of Hedi Jaansso by the The Others jury was excellent for the framework of the residencies that I propose, because she speaks of the others, she speaks of this whole humanity which, today more than ever, needs a radical change, without compromise, in understanding with the nature, we have an imperative need to learn from our deviations, to learn to relearn.

“The other is both near and far” – Charles Baudelaire
Felipe van Cauwelaert
Director galerie van Cauwelaert, Berlin