Open Call for Curators

ACME ART LAB Alessia Belotti (1996, Seriate – BG) – Melania Raimondi (1994, Brescia) – Camilla Remondina (1995, Brescia)

Exhibitor: IAGA Contemporary Art – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Project Title: The Coketown Effect. 

Artists: Liviu Bulea e Oana Maria Pop

Synopsis: The Coketown Effect talks about the effects of excessive industrialization reflecting on the social, economic and political conditions of contemporary Romania and more generally of Eastern Europe. As in Dickens’s Coketown, the city cancels individual identity by fostering increasing generalization and socio-economic inequalities.


Gisselle Girón Casas (1992, Lima – Perù)

Exhibitor: Persona Curada – Paris, France

Project Title: Ai miz yu

Artists: Marisabel Arias, Sofía Salazar Rosales, Ingrid Pumayalla

Synopsis: Ai miz yu is an innovative show by three (young women) emerging Latinamerican artists based in Europe, with installation work, ceramics and ready made objects. Collectively the works bring a nuanced insight into the dynamics of displacement through the creation of rituals which use a complex material language of objects as indexes of affection.


Tatiana Chernomordova (1997, San Pietroburgo – Russia)

Exhibitor: YABA – Young Adult Bastard Artists Art Gallery – St. Petersburg, Russia

Project Title: Seance in the night

Artists: Greht, Stasia Grishina, Daniil Vasiliev

Synopsis: The project of young artists from Russia represents a kaleidoscope of rituals and magical tantrums that open the door of the nocturnal world filled with mysterious creatures. Their whisper bewitches and enthralls into the swarming twilight, where an opportunity to see the art turns into the mystical experience.


Angela La Rosa (1996, Palermo) – Deborah Maggiolo (1994, Milano)

Exhibitor: Candy Snake Gallery – Milan, Italy

Project Title: Against Domesticity: Making Room for the Inappropriate/d Other

Artists: Matteo Gatti e Naomi Gilon

Sinossi: Reflecting on the concepts of domesticity and domestication and on the paradoxes of “normality” and “monstrosity”, the installation project stages the fantastic narration of a different future. Giving body to a hypothetical domestic environment, the works of Matteo Gatti and Naomi Gilon suggest an eccentric and inclusive cohabitation, a relational ecosystem where the “monstrous” Otherness rediscovers itself as a constitutive part of identity.


Carlotta Assalto (1998, Torino)

Exhibitor: Dr Fake Cabinet – Torino, Italia

Project Title: Drawing borders. A mosaic with three characters

Artists: Halima Hanafi

Synopsis: This project aims to visually communicate, through the arabesque mosaic technique, threats and opportunities connected to the management of borders. They are suggested as potential areas for contamination, value creation and unity catalyzers. The reflection encompasses three layers, namely The Pangea, The World and The City, continuously communicating between themselves as they both originate from and generate the same shape, the eight-pointed star.

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