The 11th edition of The Others confirms once again its multidisciplinary and aggregating identity, continuing the synergy with some of the most important festivals in the City of Turin and the regional territory with the aim of giving new life to the collaborations already established with the territory and enhancing emerging realities, to share stories, ideas and projects.
Outside the regional borders, an important collaboration has been defined with the Fondazione Quadriennale di Roma. The Italian institution for the promotion of contemporary art presents at The Others its activities for the research and promotion of Italian art in the biennium 2022-2024

The Festival delle Colline was born in 1996 to enhance with actor rehearsals the villas, castles, churches, and villages of the hills around Turin has become over the years a European showcase of contemporary creation, of a more experimental and innovative theater.



The Festival delle Colline Torinesi in its 27th edition devotes an extensive monograph to one of Italy’s most prominent companies, Motus. Alongside shows, performances, video reviews also an installation for The Others on the theme of collecting. What does theater leave behind, only volatile memory or also some fetish in turn destined to lose its traces? An object as a minimal unit of collection?

Motus exposes this elusiveness in a chaotic photo installation with 10000 small prints of stage and travel photos (in single copy) from the company’s 31-year history, to be dispersed among exhibition visitors, while supplies last. A farewell to the 10000 moments experienced and reproduced on paper, from which the company separates itself by choosing the formula of the fetishistic gift/souvenir that everyone can put in their pocket and take elsewhere. For the Turin presentation, some photos at Andrea Macchia’s Festival will also be included… It will be up to you to find and recognize them!

May this form of collecting also be a path to culture?


Experience in VR


A virtual reality experience mixing archival materials, photographs, music, Super 8 videos and acting. A room to explore by immersing yourself in the shoes of a little girl in the 1990s learning about her mother and her past. From the discovery of the diaries of the 1975 Feminist Coordination of Enna.



With a Kiss I Die


In this experience, the viewer is led to the center of a Shakespearean multiverse and has the opportunity to determine his or her character’s fate. Romeo or Juliet, the choice leads to a different journey, but toward the same goal: to find the other, before it is too late. In a world where everything is forgotten, can love survive oblivion?

Torino Fringe Festival, established in 2013, is a multidisciplinary performing arts festival that involves the whole of the Piedmont region

Graphic Days is the initiative dedicated to Italian and international visual design that, starting from the great icons of history to contemporary professionals, tells the story of visual communication at 360 degrees and its contaminations. A widespread festival that has been taking place since 2016.


In an attempt to relate the world of visual design and the universe of children, so as to stimulate the child in every designer to adopt an attitude of constant experimentation, it is indeed inevitable to confront crypto art. The exploration of contemporary visual culture is therefore also expressed through a confrontation with crypto art: each work that will be exhibited is in fact phygital and has a corresponding NFT.

SEDIMENTS – (2021) – an editorial publication by Beatrice Zito, produced as part of the Simbiosi 2021 artistic residency. It is a collection of textual, graphic and photographic indexes as traces of recording the real. The project emerged through contact with the territory of Piedicavallo (BI), which, interpreted as an archive of information, represented a space in which to take the material decontextualized in the book object. The organicity of the indexes revolves around the use of devices other than the human, endowed with a sensitivity distinct from our perception. Thus, the goal of such research is not the analysis of collected data, but the act itself of recording.


OM SALVÈJ – (non-final title, 2022) – a project by Ugo Gattini, created as part of the Simbiosi 2022 art residency. The editorial publication is in the editing phase, central elements of the project will be proposed: terracotta figurines and collected materials; a single-copy photographic and sound volume, with B&W prints on baryta paper and a sound track created by Davide Broggini.

Curators: Marco Paltrinieri (Discipula collective), Francesco Pavignano and Tommaso Valli(Ventunesimo collective).

AT THE EDGE OF SOUND – (6′) – audiovisual produced by Tetau and Ho una barca, respectively curators* of the visual research and sound project of Piedicavallo Festival 2022.

Piedicavallo Festival, after thirty years of existence, under the influence of a generational change, is moving in new directions than in the past, while retaining the beating heart of the whole event: the roots in romantic music, the interest in opening up to jazz, folk and electronic music, the relationship with nature

Share Festival, established in 2005, is a transdisciplinary festival dedicated to contemporary art and creativity with a high content of technology and innovation. Share Project was established in 2003 as a platform for art tech


Artmaker Gallery is a compendium of the best of the Artmaker project, a Share Project production project with the artistic direction of Bruce Sterling and Chiara Garibaldi. The Artmaker project, aims to seek and offer artists, citizens, designers and businesses new opportunities and potential through dialogue with new technologies and the world of the Internet, toward what we can call CREATIVITY 4.0.

The itinerary exemplifies the evolution of art, the production of all visual arts with a high content of technology and innovation, used in an unconventional way, a flywheel of the potential of beauty as a prime mover for transformation through the creativity and inspiration of Art.

The twinning with The Others festivals at The Others, is for Share fertile ground to highlight the history and future of creativity in the technological age.