The Others was born to give voice to emerging art, addressing young galleries, artist-run and project spaces, artist and curator collectives, independent and non-profit spaces. 

The realities involved present exhibition projects by artists under 40 or artists over 40 in dialogue with younger artists, to privilege the generational interchange of the most varied artistic productions. 


The eleventh edition is intended to be an expression of the search for a change in the state of things. 

The exhibition space will be arranged to form a labyrinth, an archetypal symbol of complexity and loss, but also of challenge and abstraction from the world. 

Losing oneself as a condition of finding oneself.

The Others materialises in a crossroads, where ideas, energies, figures and forms intersect in a sort of ritual, a fluid and perceptive dance. In a confused but implacable society, art shows the way, representing the universal and subterranean connection that pulses, the endless root. In a strange form of seduction, the viewer is taken by the hand and led towards a new awareness.


The Others 2022 is located for the second year in Pavilion 3 of Torino Esposizioni, the former exhibition complex of the City built by Ettore Sottsass senior in 1938. Pavilion 3, designed by Pier Luigi Nervi in 1950, is located in Via Petrarca 39/B, in San Salvario district, inside the historic Parco del Valentino.